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It is strange.Sees emperor also need not who come to receive, sit by oneself to her opposite, sit quietly after just say:"How can be not, the person is still at the beginning of person, have what variety?"
"The person is still at the beginning of person, the heart is still at the beginning of heart?Your Majesty, some matters you my heart know the belly is clear, we why not opened to say and beat riddle have never been what I excel."At the green Mo simultaneously round words, part in the mind worried, Zhang Jing Zi You Xi melts how to still don't come back.
But melt one reporting of Xiao Jin glory report of hearing at Zhang Jing Zi You Xi in the official bureau, immediately the station rises absolute being, two words don't say and then turn over a body top go toward rush through in mansion.Emperor is what kind of person, at the green Mo this the brain fading out can't think forever of understand, can be emperor of isn't all simple person, can make an enlightened monarch English lord of isn't also what good man.
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All ages, those saint gentleman none of the wise ruler in the historical records is what good people, only the historical records is the biography of victor, but takes an oath to be always good at forgetting, leave the whole fine of, but abandon the whole dark ugly.
"The emperor still took what person, has the mansion ever outside once inspected?"Zhang Jing Zi You Xi melts part at strange up run about wildly,Leopard UGG Boots, part blunt Xiao Jin the glory asked 1.
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"Return to Ye, must be too hurried, cannot compare with small and soft inspect, however smile have already ordered them to touch a circumstance everywhere.Pour on the emperor clear noodles is that took one squad bodyguard, even Long Nian didn't also see."The Xiao Jin glory feels that the back delivers cold to the arrival of emperor up to now, the doorman even has no bearer to spread a , it is thus clear that the emperor this time comes how hiddenly, how don't hope that the person knows.
Smell speech, Zhang Jing Zi You Xi melts more quickly speed, urge to rush through in Ma Wang Fu, arrived outside in the mansion door, indeed as expected only a small wait over there to the person, doorman's still kneeling where don't start and saw to is an emperor to order what.
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Threw Ma Jiang to Xiao Jin glory, Zhang Jing Zi You Xi melts to raise feet to appear on stage a rank, but that brigade bodyguard stretches hand to block:"Open widely a person, the emperor has an aim, adult if return to mansion, also invite adult outside the mansion soon afterward, before the emperor didn't summon you please don't step into one step in the mansion door and open widely a person and descend an officer also is to receive order behaviour, also ask you to make allowance for officer."
Ruthlessly stared one eye, Zhang Jing Zi You Xi melted to looking at the form system that the bodyguard officer takes to know is forbid to come out in temple, these people all of each are that the subordinates are malicious hards:"The adult joked, since is the emperor's aim idea, the minister is sincerely certainly a Zun saint life.Just still please ask adult a , emperor this trip why matter?"
"Open widely a person, you are an emperor front of of red person, if you not know, descend an officer also not understand."Say, that bodyguard pair of knife a horizontal, put a who wanted to go in and then chopped who of the head power.
See this condition, Zhang Jing Zi You Xi melts to also have nothing to say, it is one eye to have to turn head to see Xiao Jin glory, the finger is tiny to move to move, Xiao Jin the glory understood meaning:"A few tubes don't also mind, this excerpts from over against the avenue, you this in fact can be frightened to death to come and go pedestrian.Think necessarily the emperor comes, naturally don't hope Rao people, also ask adult to lay by knife."
Joke, if someone enters in the past once the big house said, the old woman and the elderly gentleman in the clan didn't buy up rushed through this come can not, when the time comes affair harder control.
Zhang Jing Zi You Xi out of the mansion melts fire on the get excited, and then is positive to drink tea with emperor in the hospital at the green Mo, who didn't talk more as well, in addition to just apparently so but actually not ground Xu twos are old, 2 people drink tea.Zhu Jin added one another

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Sign in the heavy mist of valley.
Set alight a few fire heaps in vacant land.
At the mid-night cold, if the Xiao stretches hand by the side of the fire to roast ??
See to enemy's soldier round but don't offend, is to want not to harm one soldier of one soldier and idle away morale, again with minimum of price will they shot Kui ??
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The comer is very likely to be Cao to hold.
This person deep An art of war, know ten round it of truth, and then exactly held tight nine inside mountain although insurance, whole nearby is all plain, be easy to set up camp the characteristics for besieging, the dead dead rounded they.
Play this kind of cat to grasp the game of rat, is like also that he does come out of matter.
If the Xiao is hoping to catch fire a heap to appear lost in thought-
Take a wood rod in the sheep skill, Gao that the wood rod in the firewood heap pick some, one noodles wry smile way:"At the beginning west Chu overlord item the feather was all rounded to die here ??miss, do we have way to get away?"
Hear he say this kind of agitatedly the words of morale of troops, if the Xiao raises head, the wreath attends to 1 turn ??
The under charge of Zu Lang mostly all once is mountain thief, stupid impassability literary style, seemed don't hear once the sheep talk and remained selfishly talk smile drink, don't just imitate a Buddha heavily ambush in.
If Xiao not from must be a bit funny, is about to instruct sheep a talk a little bit careful, sees there two ride shoulder to shoulder and since then, the horse is one black one Li, a front an after, in succession before vacant land Lei horse, Xu Rong dismounted first.
The Zu Lang follows behind and passes a skin bag in the past, way:"I don't believe your boy still don't drink."
"Soldier in unless the great victory contains Yan,UGG Classic Cardy ????????, can not drink alcohol."Xu Rong Ding he, don't connect that skin bag.
"Is this time to suffer utter defeat, surround here, now doesn't drink, go to nether world road up drink not to become?"Of Zu Lang doesn't believe him 1 set, funnily ask.
Xu Rong didn't answer and once walked 2, sit opposite the Xiao by the side of the fire heap if way:"It was late at night, I send you to take a rest to the tent."
"Temper's pouring is hard ??" Zu Lang Du Nong is a , oneself infused one mouthful wine, thoughted of what, the ground of Ye Yu a smile to ask a way:"Soldier in still don't let to take a woman, didn't you also take?"
Every where have no speech.
The sheep is one title, see Xu Rong's complexion tiny to change, want to answer criticism but again to can not find the appearance that the words say, the in the mind is secretly funny, admired ground to see Zu Lang one eye.
Zu Lang but with have no a matter the person is similar, finish saying to continue to take a wine bag to drink, inebriate an eye to take aim toward the Xiao if:"The this Niangs shape livings is your a keep woman well?"
"Positive wife."Xu Rong coldly answers, air at the same time not and quickly block in the Xiao if in front.
"See none of an eyes go ?? I if want to touch a ??" Zu Lang is drink many, mumbling, stretch out a hand.
Xu Rong Leng partitions his hand and gesticulates and pulls out sword.
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"Joke just ??" Zu Lang sees he really need to begin and sighed tone and took back a hand,UGG Classic Cardy ??????, language center of gravity long tunnel:"Xu Wen Liang, you fight badly, is an individual just,Chestnut UGG Boots but the Wei of black breeze press a to release, too stingy, the temper is again hard, change these two troubles, I accept you to go into Zhai and sit the second hand over chair, how?"
On finally doing not endure, sheep's"rush toward Chi" a break into laughter.
Smiled a ,UGG Classic Tall Boots, the favour Na Na ground is lowly head.
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Xu Rong Sao's his one eye, a speech doesn't deliver and pulls Xiao if turn round and then walk.
If Xiao in order not to be recognized out, one is small

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Rub forehead, collapse, "small however, we don't like this go not?"
Account however or smile, well-mannered, "occupy you to say."
"BE not is have no a matter can not seek you?"
This problem accounts however packs don't hear, drink clear water in the cup.
  系青抿着嘴角,患得患失,思忖,是不是他又蠢蛋了。振作精神,UGG Classic Short Boots,“我来是告诉你一声,我已经没再管杨先生和方老太的事情,还有,我也没再管我们家的生意。我想为你做点改变,缩短我们之间,你所谓的差距,让我们之间,达到你觉得合适的那个标准。”
Fasten green close lightly a corner of mouth, suffer from suffer from losing, wonder, isn't him the stupid egg was again.Invigorate spirit, "I come is tell you a ,UGG Ultra Tall 那点光亮, I haven't taken care of Mr. Yang and squared again old too of affair, also have, I also have no again take care of the business of our house.I want to do some change for you and shorten us, your so-called margin, let we, attain you to feel suitable standard."
  计然闷头坐着,没表情。系青想她本来在休息,楞被自己吵醒,他该说的说完,就算了吧,再者光说也没用,他做了才算数。她没把他拒之门外,他就偷着乐吧。花往计然身前一放,“送你的。呃,UGGロキシートールブーツ,你休息吧,我先走了。”见计然还没什么反应,重生之展翅高飞_145,当真失落,要走,UGG Boots 也都被下了两天的大雪覆盖了,听计然叫他,“等等。”系青回身,站起来的计然刚巧被茶几绊倒,身子往前倾,系青手快一扶,顺势将人往怀里带,揽住她腰,“小心。”
Account however the stuffy head sit and have no a facial expression.Fasten green think she originally in the rest, stared blankly a quilt oneself was noisy to come to, he shoulded say of finish saying, even if, furthermore and only say also useless, he did to just count.She didn't exclude him, he stole joy.Flower to account however before the body on putting, "send yours.E, your rest, I walked first."See account however return a nothing important to respond, really lose, walk, listen to account however call him, " etc.."Fasten a green time body, stand up of account however by coincidence get tripped up by tea side-table, the body goes toward an anteversion, fasten green quick moving on handing, comply with the surrounding to take a person toward the bosom, the Lan lives her waist, " is careful."
Accounting however staring to fasten is green, the in that manner is different from and is as friendly as he and pour be fastenned green to ask for deep-fried hair, she rare voice the color accompany fierce, "how do you exactly want?You are understand not understand, regardless you are the cheap clothes that is dressed in several 10 dollarses to drag along ground for me, still run away again change a work, all change not to drop you is bosom fasten green this fact."Account however a word BE, " isn't wasting an effort, the bosom fastens green and account however be unsuited to proper."
  系青定定看计然,惶惑,不知该怎么说,Chestnut UGG Boots,怎么做,才能安抚她的烦躁,最终,只是拥抱住她,“可我,还是想和你在一起。”
Fasten green settle to certainly see account however, nervous, don't know how to say, how do, so as to pacify her fidgety, end, just embrace each other she, "can I, still think with you together."
  计然使劲儿推开他,“你跟我在一起能怎样呢?我这个样子,我不堪的过去,还能让你觉得生活美好吗?我们都别再自欺欺人行不行?”她冷淡,“我们完了就是完了。”终于,计然连那种表面的客气也不想再维持,“不要再来找我,相忘江湖的结局也不错,总比硬在一起,到头来互相讨厌好。”叫工人,“怀先生要走了,帮我送送,ugg クラシックトール。”
Account however put out strength son to push away him, "you heel I together ability how?I am this appearance, my unbearable past, can also allow you to feel life fine?Do we all stop deceiving yourself as well as others a line not to go?"She is cheerless, " we finished Be getting over."Account finally however even that kind of surface of polite don't think as well again maintain, " don't come again to seek me and mutually forget the final outcome of river's lake also quite good, always compare hard together, in the end each other dislike like.The "call worker, " bosom Sir wants to walk and sends for me."
Don't turn head, account however know fasten the green vision stares at her figure and enters a bedroom and locks a door and climbs to go to bed, the quilt covers oneself in the prison.Is unclear to around around listen to outside the worker see visitor out, until the one is dead silent, a short moment, account however again get up, return to a living room, fasten green send of a big bunch the flower embrace room once and lie down and toward to be full of a rose to say, "baby, how should the mother do?How to do?"Whet Dao to become to sob finally, after holding with dignity to meet, the Dou comes to Dou to go, also just so, in the different location, she towards the same person to send to drop tears for her rose.
From account however come out there ……accurate say, drive she the Nian come out there from she and fasten green boundless however, open car, bum in the sunlight underneath of summer afternoon, not accurate oneself exactly goes where, also not know oneself should how to account however prove, he thinks with of the Jie is old of firm intention, he isn't to really do want to lose her, can be also accounted however the confidence for fighting agitatedly,ugg 激安, do they really probably become a rightness of hated spouses?

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Jade, small mouth at he thin lips up a kiss a way:"I hair spring, you retention me and retention me."Finish saying to return the Yao Yao Yao floor greatly to wake in person, let the eastern jade have his face raddens entire over.
", Do not, Qiao son, not competence so.."Eastern jade body base quilt Qiao son prop tight, urgently get him not to know how do equitable like.
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"East, you not is say to like bomb?Want to make trace for bomb?All of me heard, originally you like so me, Hey Hey, the Qiao son will definitely make you have a the first-time unforgettable."Qiao son this female rapscallion the side say a side the handle knob touched into a someone another work to in crotch of trousers.
", Sky, don't , Qiao son.."Eastern jade the whole body seethed.
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"Want~" Qiao son lures him, the small mouth again kisses his jade lips and takes advantage o the time that he method to say words, and the small tongue drilled into.
"Wu, .."The eastern jade is simultaneously suppressed at this pre-eminent my daughter person, can not push, ugg boots pleasurable sensibility of the body lets anew he extremely ugg boots excitement is numb ugg feeble, he wants to flee afresh not ambitioning apt give up, absence apt nay yet have no opportunity,Moncler Manteau Femme, can protest opposition several voices, be won along the Qiao son.
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The Qiao son kisses to start becoming gentle and soft, the very soft small tongue seduces his to go properly tongue and entwines together, the splendid fellings before eastern jade starts to memorize is likewise namely the chest hair is tight, the small jade jade is muscular and difficult like steel.
Small hand very improbity, slowly seduce him.
???????,Moncler Uomo Cappotto affirmative shoots apt be favor morale by this time??????????????????????????????????????????????????,?????? ???????????????
The Qiao son releases him and start painting behind him the clothes Jin before the chest, the eyeful fan receives of the eastern jade face climb yet on sensual desire of cloth, looking at the head of Qiao son to cover up at him before the chest, he knows that he subjugates,Moncler ?????????????, is completely seduced by this my daughter person.
The Qiao son technique is to go without saying, light heavy, Zhu Guo's top before chest devastates, let eastern jade more of unbearable.
The Qiao son corner of mouth hangs up malign smile, reserve starting, the starting strips off own clothing, eastern jade one bin star Mou looking at she peeps out wonderful body, the whole individual is all red to get up.
"How?Don't you want to touch for a while?"The Qiao son is slowly stooped down and seduce ground the cheap Nan is at his ear and also extend out a small tongue to lick his lower ear lobe and injury eastern jade a explode of cringe.
The Qiao son lies down a body and starts to pluck him and receptions own last body to up say with smile:"Forgot oneself is a man?"
The eastern jade broad awake on the entire, ruddy face, seeing by Qiao son, the taste by instinct and downwards sees her ahead the breast, a face burns extra of very hot.
"You don't want to escape, whole life, you are my person."Qiao son the turbulent in behavior jot say.
Eastern jade one Leng peeps out after painful of color way:"What about them?"
Eastern jade one Leng peeps out a bitter direction behind:"What about them?"
"Close them what stuff, you are my person agreeable."Qiao Er knows that he points Lin Wu leisurely them, she is surely to all want, a men how to satisfy her strong desire.
Draw down his pate wildly kisses, don't let the wave take a lot of time again.
The eastern jade finally concessions, the big hand meticulously touches Qiao son flat such as the rind of the fat and kisses to also warmly wake.
"H'm..."The Jiao sings spillage and makes the whole climate all puzzling.
The eastern jade leaves her small mouth and start he crudely seduces of road, the Qiao son is licked by him want to criticize aboveboard, this calls to calculate Nao Yang, but how also Nao whatsoever the accustomed is general, underwent get her to show eyebrows all and entwine together.
Qiao son can

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The node is still struggling for unifying a big manufacture at the warfare of the enterprise and Mo savage in sky, probably during a lifetime.
Can't come to Yugoslavia as well as have got to decline a teacher, can't have got a month to do.
"The eldest sister-in-law says of is this what rubbish?"Some free and unfettered spirit hasty of the voice interrupt the fancy of making the Mo.
Make Mo this just responds to come over, she incredibly center in muse, all said out, no wonder that the free and unfettered spirit is hasty.
"Eldest brother didn't just once once say, he this whole life, can get eldest sister-in-law, is amassed by the congratulating of nine a life times, is a mundane kindness ??the eldest sister-in-law left in those early years, eldest brother have no don't reason utmost worry and anguish.Would be eldest sister-in-law don't return then, faraway places, the eldest brother ambition definitely find out eldest sister-in-law as well."
"Of so didn't quest eldest sister-in-law at that time, whatsoever is for the eldest sister-in-law is too youth, when the eldest sibling know again,?????? ?? ??, the eldest sister-in-law body has strange aptitude, surely would not be bad to remedy ego.So just confidence to let the eldest sister-in-law depart."
"Eldest brother this entire life, whether have not met eldest sister-in-law also just, as long asmeet, in addition to eldest sister-in-law, the eyes of the eldest brother inside again could not see side person ??the eldest sister-in-law how can do these to read to think again."
Looking at eastern Qing city,?????????????, make Mo to lightly smile, "BE, is my wrong.I again can't thus thoughtless."
Hold eastward Qing metropolis yet is pile up on the hand of tight.Yes, conference him namely namely the sky perch and marry him is too in the clout apt preordain.Make more by this period regretful have meaning again?
Wrongly not is a destiny, also not is her, isn't also one eastern Qing city, but do that month ??is the sorcery preceptor of this Yugoslavia ancestral temple, is these witchcrafts that damage a person.
The time a little works ahead, on the alley Mo body already greatly nice.In addition to the arm that is harmed still can not make an effort.
Can at least from externally see,Moncler Giubbotti Donna, already like, reside a big Ba on the elbow.Which afraid they all seek that excellent medic and let that great physician think a course to go to that scar formation.
Can that wound is actually too big, dug a chip of flesh again.Want to resume to be really too complicated.
Wild lane Mo(ten)
Wild lane Mo(ten)
Eastern Qing city the gauze on the body dismantled a lot.
???????,???????????? production ugg boots Mo namely extra earnest?????????????????
The gauze on the face, in adding to eyes up of, additional locations also entire dismantled.
Although still keep canning not differentiating aboriginal facial features, can prove at fewest, the wound recovers very good.
The state of mind of eastern Qing city also resumed a lot, can get up up two 3 hours for a day and separate 78 times.It is each on waking up, all absence to beverage numerous medicines.
??????????????,?????? ????? ????????????????????
The Rui son eventually still kept coming to see his dad and mommy and saw the face of eastern Qing city, he cried once again.
BE production Mo to penetrate just, the Rui son isn't terrified, but heartache.
The small lad knows to adore his father and knew that his dad was subjected to a big bitterness, so heartache to call.
Thus till the 15th daytime.
Once ugg boots others see?
Say in the doctor, the eastern Qing city demand slowly calms down to reserve and reserve body slowly a vitality, the body then can greatly like.
Just, the fighting skill of his whole body,Moncler Outlet, is any further not ability.
From the Yan Chi there, make Mo to know, the that silver hair person starts of hateful.
He afraid Yan Chi and eastern Qing city 2 folk all the way not tame, incredibly and directly discarded their fighting skills.Otherwise, with their 2 people's elegant capability, how may make that several folk do as pleases ??
Made Mo to hear to feel the idea companion crack, but regrets of night Yi.

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